Saturday, August 09, 2008

Torrone & Fried: Citizen Engineers

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Limor (Ladyada) Fried of Adafruit Industries & Phillip (pt) Torrone of MAKE magazine are collaborating in producing a series of films entitled Citizen Engineer.

Limor Fried in Citizen Engineer

Billed as "an online video series about open source hardware, electronics, art and hacking", the first episode sees our hosts engage in a bit of SIM card and payphone hacking. At 30 minutes long, its a proper programme that I can imagine a TV channel might go for, its appropriately home-made filming aesthetic lending the programme a bit of charm. The charm of the hosts doesn't come across as well on video sadly, the delivery being a little rapid and dry. Fried says the aim is however "to capture the fun and not so fun parts of hardware hacking on video", so hopefully they can lighten up a bit in the next episode! It is also worth noting that the programme has a rather groovy opensource-enabled soundtrack.

Also up are the pair's slides from the debut presentation at "The Last HOPE" conference, in which it appears the revenue from video views and kit sales are compared (not sure about this - maybe someone who was there would be better qualified to say!), with the kits coming out top.

Torrone says:

"We think there are some good opportunities for people who makes things to share their skills and how they create and make a living doing that (and we've shared some initial numbers). Videos are becoming the new "text files" - if you grew up learning about some techy topics by text files shared around you likely recognize the analogy. Etsy sellers, makers and anyone who makes things might want to experiment with this model of sharing their skills with other online via video and having actually things to buy as part of the video, but not just an "advertisement" or "infomercial". "

Once again, pt and Ladyada at the forefront of the making business, and showing marketing as yet another string to their over-talented bows!

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