Saturday, August 09, 2008

Big Blue Saw free day been and gone

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Big Blue Saw is a company new to me - based in Atlanta, Georgia, they offer:

"... laser cutting of plastic, waterjet cutting of plastic, waterjet cutting of aluminum, waterjet cutting of stainless steel, and waterjet cutting of plain steel, as well as other materials. We offer instant quotes and online ordering."

A bit like a more local Ponoko, with more processes but no sales & marketing platform for one's designs, the website does offer a cool interface for checking DXF, PNG or GIF files and getting quotes. I plugged in a file I've been working on and it quickly identified a few dozen errors! Disappointing for me, but thorough and upfront at least.

Big Blue Saw Screenshot

Screenshot from

They also have their very own applet for designing a part within your browser. Once you've uploaded or drawn your design, you are asked for a material and thickness for it to be cut in and pretty soon the website spits out a rundown of part weight, 3D visualisation, and price comparison against production quantities.

The business seems to be aimed more at indie designers and small businesses looking for quick and simple cutting in batch runs, and I would consider using them were it not for the shipping and their 9" x 9" limit on part size. It would be great to have a business like this in Scotland, and in collaboration with Ponoko for bringing in local custom surely fabricators such as these could really take off?

Sadly I'm a day late for you to get a free part from Big Blue Saw, sorry about that!

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Simon Arthur said...

Big Blue Saw is having another sale this week.