Tuesday, August 12, 2008

'Ohm' cardboard sampler by Ofir Yaloz

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Designer Ofir Yaloz of Shenkar College of Design, Israel has produced an audio sampler constructed from laser cut cardboard with circuitry screenprinted onto the surface.

Ohm samplers

The designer's Noise Design website is a brief, to-the-point Blogger affair, with some great photos of the finished products, the manufacture of them, and the early prototypes, as well as videos demonstrating the unusual interface:

"...by touching the printed surface the user can modify the sound in different ways."

Ohm cardboard nets

Ohm prototype

It's very alluring work, combining an everyday material with unusual applications, firstly as a precision enclosure, and secondly as a substrate for circuitry - whilst still producing a very elegant, minimal device. I particularly love the microphone solution! The conductive coating method appears quite esoteric, employing a "paint made with pure silver and copper" and various stages of plotting onto PVC stickers, hand painting , peeling , and direct screen printing (see comments on the website).

Reminds me of Evil Mad Scientist Labs' paper circuitry:

EMSL Paper Circuitry

Image from EMSL

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