Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Configurators in abundance

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Frank Piller's Mass Customization website reports on:

"mass customization, personalization, customer integration, and open innovation -- strategies to co-create value between companies and customers."

Frank Piller is a RWTH Aachen and MIT academic, and hence the site is wordy, but is an interesting delve for anyone thinking about open innovation and mass customization, with many links to current research, of which there seems to be much in Germany. Slightly easier to dip into is Piller's blog on the same topics.

One interesting feature of the research driven set, is the International Configurator Database , which, despite sounding like a defence agency project, is in fact a through database of seemingly every website that enables one to customise or configure (hence configurator) a product before buying it.

My favourite from this has to be Sonor drums' SQ2 system, which allows you to specify everything down to the very plys that make up your drumshells. Billed by the Configurator Database as the most exotic of all configurators!

Sonor SQ2 configurator

via Open Source Product Design News

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