Tuesday, August 12, 2008

DIY Pearl Traps Table

Traps Table 210708
Originally uploaded by Zero-waste Design
I recently built a quick addition to my drumkit: A traps table/tray, for holding the glockenspiel, sampler or just sticks/mallets/hand percussion as requirements dictate.

I'm quite pleased with the simplicity of the design and its integration with regular Pearl hardware: I used a standard tom mount from a tom that I no longer use, so that this tray fits neatly onto a tom arm adjusted to point upwards. I've always appreciated the modularity of Pearl hardware, which comes into its own when you can use a tom arm with the bottom half of a cymbal stand, making hacks like this traps table feasible.

The table is plywood covered in non-slip mat, has a ledge at the bottom and is trimmed with duct tape. The tom mount can be placed as shown so that the tom arm passes right through, allowing the table to be positioned as low down as possible. Alternatively, the tom mount can be positioned centrally on the underside in which case the arm does not pass through. The whole assembly can be flipped over and used in reverse too - I've found that the more versatile your hardware the better, as you will always get gig situations where you want your stands to do something unusual that they probably weren't designed for!

Notes and photos on the construction are given here.

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