Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Repair Cafe Glasgow

We are starting up monthly Repair Cafe events at the Maklab on
Saturdays. They're basically like advice sessions where a bunch of
people who are interested in and good at fixing things get together
and members of the public bring in things that need fixing, and
together we work out how best to go about it, whether that be using
the tools and skills there on the day or putting them in touch with
professional services for fixing. I first read about one in Edinburgh,
and there is a Dutch site on them here . There
is also tea and coffee involved as you might imagine.

To this end we need a pool of folk who can be on hand to advise and
help, people with experience mending things, which could be
mechanical, electronic, textiles, jewellery etc. It could be anything
I guess, but we'll see when we get going.
Would you be interested in taking part? Do you know anyone who is a
dab hand at mending? Feel free to pass this on to them and get in
touch with me at - we're looking to get going in

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