Thursday, December 04, 2008

New oDesign Site Geared Towards Source

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Update: It appears I made a misjudgment as to the origin of oDesign, apologies. Massimo Menichinelli is a collaborator in oDesign rather than the originator. Sorry folks!

Massimo Menichinelli's The oDesign project has had a facelift and a new site design, the most exciting part being, a Sourceforge-styled section for sharing product source files.

Do we need another place to collect product source information? After all, we already have sites such as Ponoko and Instructables. Yes, I would say - it would be good to have an equivalent directory such as Sourceforge for downloadable product data at least as an organisational/reference tool. Here you could keep cutting files/3D geometry files, as well as links to an instructable for assembly, Ponoko for buying the cutting, - user reviews and ratings, license information and prices are already incoroprated.

Already up there are a few projects originally from Ronen Kadushin - it will be interesting to see how the site evolves as more are added. The website is a little clunky at the front but nonetheless very much functional.

oDesign appears to have come out of features Massimo Menichinelli's extensive research in 'Open Peer-to-Peer Design', the website for which is here and the thesis here.

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