Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Best of Instructables means lasers

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Instructables publish their first compilation in print this week, with 300 pages of top instructables voted for by the community and selected by the website editors. I got an advance copy, having an instructable in there, and have been devouring the book at every opportunity. Somehow instructables are even better suited to book form (or maybe its testament to the work of the publishers, O'Reilly). The book is easy to navigate and lucid yet still packed with both the original instructables plus selected comments and interspersed commentary from the website creators.

Best of Instructables Volume 1

The book is available from Amazon and the Maker Shed - a fine Christmas pressie for any maker I'm sure. The great thing about the book is it is much more manageable than the website for the viewer - its all too easy to get lost among the 10,000 projects that have been uploaded, and the book seems to be a good representation of the variety of projects on the site.

One instructable that I had never seen before opening the book but that blew me away is the Universal Lamp Shade Polygon Building Kit. Steven blogged about this project way back - it's a great candidate for laser cutting and indeed the author, Dan, (of Squid labs, incidentally), provides a .dxf for doing this very thing. Even better are the responses in the comments however, including this corker from Travis:

Ball based on the Universal Lamp Shade Polygon Building Kit

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