Monday, October 20, 2008

Engraved Into Memory: Xylocopa's Mad Scientist Alphabet Blocks

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File this under 'unique things to do with laser engraving':

Xylocopa's Mad Scientist Alphabet Blocks

Xylocopa's 'Mad Scientist Alphabet Blocks' are building blocks for the budding young maker/inventor, or those big kids. They sport such home-truths as G for Goggles, U for Underground Lair and Z for Zombies, all engraved with beautifully detailed illustrations.

They're a beautifully executed product for the maker market, and the kind of low volume, high value product that perfectly suits on-demand production with a laser. Xylocopa is a husband-wife design team from Tucson, Arizona selling a range of really interesting jewellery, home decor and paper products, all using largely laser cut wood. It is design twists like this that can breath new life into previously ubiquitous products, thanks to the new-found economy of digital manufacture.

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