Monday, October 20, 2008

Efficiency is the goal - The Art of Engineering

Efficiency is the goal - The Art of Engineering

Duncan Drennan has some great examples of why I think of eco-design as a matter of efficiency and often vice versa too! He also links to an interesting page of statistics on cycling in comparison compared to other modes of transport.

I would add:

Efficiency is open source - when we share ideas, we stop duplicating each other's work (wastage) and can spend our time more usefully building on each other's ideas. Open Source Design leads to distributed and hence local manufacturing which is highly energy efficient in terms of transportation, and resource efficient in terms of sourcing of components/materials (small scale open designers re-use stuff more).

I like Duncan's concise, infrequent posting, I wish more blogs were like his!


control valves said...

I believe construction of such projects requires knowledge of engineering and management principles and business procedures, economics, and human behavior.

Roy said...

Obviously it depends on the project as to what specific knowledge is required but in general I would agree that designers and makers need knowledge of all the above, yes.