Saturday, June 21, 2008

Engrave your heart out

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I had no idea one could use a laser to engrave so many things. Joe Mansfield offers you the chance to engrave anything, be it laptop, phone or Moleskine - yes, Moleskine, and they come out a rather nice sepia too. It started with Engrave your tech, dealing purely in engraving peoples' gadgets, and now you can buy ready engraved Moleskines over at Engrave your book.

Mansfield also accepts submissions for designs from artists, offering 15% royalties on every purchase. There are some really impressive pieces on display on the Engrave your tech website, and over at their Flickr account - from the ornate, to superfine Beatles, to tongue-in-cheek cartoonism!



Images from Engrave your tech

This is mass customized, manufacture-on-demand in practise, albeit at a basic entry level platform, made possible by the recent affordability of laser cutting/engraving.

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