Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Tchai Ovna sandwich boards

I was commissioned to make new sandwich boards for the Tchai Ovna House of Tea, a business which I have been orbiting and landing at in various forms all the time I've been in Glasgow..

For these we went for a method of painting that would allow me to do a batch of 6 panels as easily and efficiently as possible, whilst providing a very high finish. Whilst I'd like to learn hand brushed calligraphy for signwriting, I've not done it yet! So here we have 6 panels of 18mm spruce ply, laser engraved by Flux Laser Studio to 2mm depth, back filled with acrylic paint in 3 different colours, and then sanded back to reveal the sharp edges of the engraving. This is a method I learnt from the students in Dundee, clever chaps. They were then finished with wood preserver and yacht varnish, plus galvanised and stainless steel fixings. Not shown here, I gave the feet of the panels some little inner tube rubber booties, to repel the puddles..

The lasering process means the layout is on file and the boards can be reproduced very easily when they inevitably reach the end of their life or are half inched by the west end student contingent, of which I am a proud alumni!

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