Monday, September 02, 2013

Totem plinths - design & build

In September 2012 I designed and built a plinth system for the I Am Seeing Things exhibition at the Talbot Rice gallery in Edinburgh. This was an exhibition linked to the ToTEM project I was previously involved in, and included a seminar marking the end of the project. The brief was to produce a 3D pixelated system, of modular construction (read voxels), including several interactive cubes, containing monitors and the same tech as the previous ToTEM readers.

Construction was done in expanded polysterene, and selected voxels in MDF, all clad in white or grey melamine, placed on plywood bases.

This was a collaboration with the Product Research Studio in Dundee DJCAD, with especially thanks to Sean Kingsley there. Laser cutting (circa 500 melamine panels!) was done by me at MAKlab. Here are some photos of the results from around Twitter:

Upon delivery, prior to construction - photo by @chrisspeed

photo by @ileddigital

5th dimensional camera by Superflux - photo by @digitalurban

photoBot by Tommy Dykes - photo by @digitalurban

Interactive reader cube, front of picture - photo by @ileddigital

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