Monday, August 27, 2012

Glad Cafe all done

It's been too long. I have been mainly working on the Glad Cafe, which is now truly up and running and it is GREAT to have a nice, friendly evening venue in the south side that isn't a restaurant.

Best Boy Jamie from Conquering Animal Sound (played the first public launch night) took this splendid Instagram:

STV also have some good photos here.

A team of us worked on the interior design, and built two bars, three large pieces of shelving, a whole lot of ballustrading, one chandelier, a bunch of signage and a couple of murals. Main protagonists are Silo, and Gerry of Eggmachine (he once did this, also with Si), with some help from Staci Rowlison on the mural and Bevan Quinn of Modern Standard on sign duties.

The job was supported in no small way by Maklab, who donated some perfect offcuts for the balustrade. A zero-waste job for them!

Well chuffed.

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