Tuesday, January 04, 2011


A while back Mr. Shane Connolly, percussionist and puppeteer extraordinaire, put me in touch with some lovely folk in NYC also messing about with short range FM radio transmitters. They are Ed Bear and Lea Bertucci, and their project is called ExiTrip, in which a number of 'iTrip' transmitters were sent out to makers around the world to make something with. This is my response.

Mouseymitter is an iTrip FM transmitter housed toy 'trainset' type thing for my 2 year old nephew, Laurie. Having spent a large part of last year designing housings for Niftymitter, I wondered how I might package a transmitter that might be of interest to Laurie. He likes fitting things together so I thought I'd separate out some of the functions of the transmitter and add a microphone, such that they can be pieced together to make what is effectively a cordless microphone on wheels. It remains to be seen whether this will be of any interest to Laurie. But it needs a little more tweaking first.

Full Flickr set here.


Neel said...

Happy to report that Laurie loves the design - though may need to hot glue the lids shut to prevent prying fingers tearing out the 'spaghetti' or important wiring as it should be known.

Roy said...

Yeah, not the best boxes for closeability, will take note. I do want him to be able to open them up to see inside though! But maybe not pull out the spag.