Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First days at DJCAD

Lasercut Landscape
Originally uploaded by Zero-waste Design
I have begun my Arts Council funded residency as part of the Past Present and Future Craft Practice project at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design. - Have already been messing round with a laser cutter, one experiment pictured here: laser cutting from a heightfield bitmap to create a 3D engraving in the pages of a book. This heightfield image was found on Google image search, and was actually designed by the Creative Director of Simcity 4 in Photoshop as a source for a terrain in that game!

Have otherwise been getting my bearings, rummaging in a skip and thinking more on the Air vane motor:

which I'd still like to make and develop some things around.

Other things to do - properly document various means of fabrication encoding which I could use, look at various platforms/programs for collaborative development etc.

I am also going to work on Niftymitter a bit further and use the technical knowhow here to learn some Arduino/general hardware hacking skills.

'sall for now.

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