Thursday, December 04, 2008

Open Hand Grips: EMSL’s Meggy Jr Handheld and Cardboard Chic for your iPhone

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Evil Mad Scientist Labs have debuted a much more sophisticated version of their Meggy games platform in the Meggy Jr RGB.

Meggy Jr RGB from EMSL

Most interestingly for us, Windell and Lenore have designed the electronics to fit into customisable 'handle sets':

Basic Meggy Jr   Batwing Meggy Jr

"A unique feature of Meggy Jr RGB is that it is designed to be mounted inside a "handle set" — a wooden or plastic case that's safer and more pleasant to hold than a bare circuit board. You can make, mod and customize your own handle sets to suit your taste– These are like faceplates in that you can switch whenever you want to suit your mood or the game that you're playing, however different handle sets can radically change what the Meggy Jr looks and feels like. Above, you can see what our basic handles (left) look like, as compared to a set of custom smoke-colored batwing handles (right)."

The source files for these sandwiched laser cut designs are available for download as .svg and .pdf, and come with some suggested engravings:

Meggy Jr layout

So, another fine and more than thorough offering from the Evil Mad Scientists , but their claim to uniqueness is at odds firstly with the many handset options for the Wii platform, as well as this DIY offering for the iPod touch/iPhone from ronnsprocket:

iPod touch Iphone hand grip by ronnsprocket

A neat bit of cardboard cutting there, sadly no templates available as yet.

via EMSL, Derek, and touchArcade

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