Saturday, October 11, 2008

Round and Round and Round: Ring Calendar by Sebastian Bergne

This post is proud to have been syndicated to the Ponoko blog.

Icon magazine recently did a special feature on Ponoko with furniture and product designer of repute, Sebastian Bergne, and the results are available at his showroom on Ponoko. The feature has some great discussion as well as audio and video of Bergne and his experience with Ponoko.

Ring Calendar

I particularly like Sebastian Bergne's Ring Calendar as it reinforces my perception of time as an eternally revolving thing: day follows day, week follows week, month follows month, on and on. This idea might depress some more sensitive souls, but as the showroom Spunique placidly puts it, the calendar may otherwise "give you the everyday satisfaction of interacting with its calm composition".

Of course the other thing I like about the calendar is its elegant and technically simple design, completely laser cut from melamine faced MDF. The assembly appears to really exploit the accuracy achievable with laser cutting, as does Bergne's other Ponoko product, the Bandit. Bandit is a playfully conceived 30cm ruler/rubber band catapult, that uses a living hinge cut into acrylic as a trigger mechanism. Most cunning. The Icon feature has more to say about the development of this part of the design.


Bergne is no small name, with a vast portfolio of furniture and products designed for a wealth of clients, many of which form part of the London Design Museum's Collection. It's great to see the established names mixing with the new names in the Ponoko marketplace!

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