Monday, September 01, 2008

Gift box from Cereal box and other Instructables news

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Had to post this rather tasty Gift box from a cereal packet Instructable by Blightdesign, that is Ben Light, a multi-talented (Sculpting, ceramics, web animation, graphic design, painting) web developer from NYC. I particularly like that it uses the entire cereal box, but gives no outward sign of its origins! So you have pretty much a standard used material in a pretty much standard format, just needing folding and gluing to give it a new lease of life. Neat.

Gift box from Cereal box by b.light

Ben also has some lovely bits of wood turning, carpentry and rubber dipping displayed on his site.

If you're really into making Instructables you could do worse than reading this one on How to draw illustrations for instructables. Or it could easily be renamed 'How to draw illustrations for design pitches/design reviews/manuals' in my opinion!

Instructables will soon be releasing their first book, The Best of Instructables Volume I containing over 100 Instructables chosen by a panel and by the Instructables community, out this October.

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