Wednesday, August 27, 2008


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Hacker collective NYC Resistor have posted some great images of their Tinysaurs - scaled down versions of the classic tyrannosaurus skeleton model that their friend Martin sent them:

NYC Resistor's Tinysaur

I do love a good miniature. Apparently the very active group have just recently taken delivery of their laser cutter but have already put it to good use, duplicating Tinysaurs, making geometric art and doing the obligatory etching of iPhones.

NYC Resistor's Tinysaurs

NYC Resistor's Geometric Art

On their list of Things to 'LAZZ' are some itriguing ideas:

  • Cut and etch a picture of James Bond, and then slice it in half

  • Small floral silhouettes that can be used as pendants or earrings

  • Cut some geometric art created with Context Free

  • Some cardboard prototypes for a loom

  • Some general geometric interlocking stuff

  • An acrylic coat of arms

  • A “finger” mechanism for crawling robot

  • Some thin penrose tiles for penrose scarf

  • NYCR laser coasters (for Friends of Resistor)

  • And of course the obligatory etching of logos, warnings, and expressions into various Apple products

Martin perfectly somes up the excitement of digital fabrication and the web on his blog with:

"Now we can e-mail THINGS from Berlin to New York and vice versa!"

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