Wednesday, August 06, 2008

ThinkM on laser cutting for 3D products

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Tod E Kurt's of ThingM, the "ubiquitous computing device studio" has posted the slides for a talk he gave at the intrigueingly titled Sketching in Hardware ‘08 conference that was held at RISD in Providence, Rhode Island this year.

The slides and notes make an interesting perusal, covering the evloution of ThingM's BlinkM modular lighting product, the appropriateness of Wii peripherals as a platform for hacking, and most interestingly, using 2D laser cutting to make 3D enclosures, clearly a hot topic currently (hence David's and my recent posts).

ThinkM slide

Its great to see the areas of electronic/hardware hacking and laser cutting/engraving converging due to their applicability to open sourcing and personal fabrication - hopefully we will soon see some concerted collaboration between independent hardware and product makers to develop some really sophisticated open products.

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