Saturday, August 09, 2008

Skips and Stuff - a Googlemap

Hello. In an attempt to make better use of the tons of stuff that is discarded on the streets of Glasgow and I'm sure other cities, I've started a Googlemap for marking the location of skips and 'rubbish' and sharing info about what stuff is available to the discerning skip diver. Do feel free to contribute. In fact there's only one up at the moment, but hopefully you get the idea.

In an ideal world the Councils would post info from flytipping complaints here in case anyone local can use the stuff, or would use this as a tool for efficiently collecting rubbish that has been sitting for more than a few days.

Obviously, freecycling/freesharing is always preferable to flytipping/skipdiving, this is not meant to discourage that, simply encourage better resourcefulness. Its a bit of an experiment. And its inspired by the excellent Glasgow Greenmap - maybe they could be incorporated. The Skips and Stuff Googlemap is by contrast global.

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