Friday, July 25, 2008

Machine Collective: Clean, open, modular controllers

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Machine Collective I/O modules

Machine Collective is a group from the Dutch studio XNDR, specialising in custom control surfaces and kits for physical computing. They are developing a range of open source controller modules for artists/musicians/makers. In their words:

"We are working on a range of modules based on frequently used components, sensors and indicators. The prototyping modules are designed to work with development platforms such as Arduino and Wiring. The modules can also be used for other purposes such as circuitbending, DIY synths, analog sequencers or plain old electronics projects."

There's not much to do on the website as yet but the images look pretty exciting, depicting a bunch of boxes that can be connected to each other and the computer via serial ports. The industrial design looks clean and simple, and looks to be similarly open source, consisting currently of just three main components:

  • Acrylic top panel (with/without components)

  • Aluminium base (with/without machined holes and connectors)

  • Acrylic bottom panel (with/without mounting options for pcb's)

One to watch as a handy tool for developers and opportunity for some open industrial design that could propogate hundreds of further projects.

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