Saturday, June 21, 2008

Secco: Vinyl fantasy

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Helsinki based Secco are what I would call a 'boutique' design house dealing in rather desirable poducts from recyclates. My favourites are their bowls from old vinyl LPs. Also of note are their handbags from repurposed tyre rubber.

Secco Volume bowl

Secco Rub-a-dub handbag

I'm sure they're not alone in the world of recycled boutique products, but what strikes me is the high quality finish in these items: these objects are really deceptive, the raw material is not hidden but has been interpreted in quite a really unique, uncompromising way to produce highly desirable items, a quality often lacking in ecodesign. Not that thats a bad thing, but its intriguing to see products from recycled materials successfully tackling a fairly high end market, for a not unreasonable price.

Secco give this humorous back story to their work:

SECCO was born in the Electronic Waste Age in Wasteland,

in a small village in a valley between the Rubber Hills. On the horizon you can just make out the giant Computer Mountains where the river of Qwerty springs. At the edge of the forest that surrounds the village

you can find the LP-Towers reaching towards the white clouds. From the top of the towers you have a breathtaking view across Wasteland.

If you're in Helsinki, Secco also run recycling-design workshops at the shop, which sound fun.

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