Saturday, June 21, 2008

Downloadable pinhole cameras from Readymech/Corbis

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a Corbis readymech downloadable pinhole camera

Stock photography site Corbis have 4, soon to be 5, pinhole cameras to download, print out, stick onto card and build yourself.

The cameras were designed by New York graphic firm Fwis, who are also responsible for the Readymech downloadable toys that Steven is fond of. These babies look just as much fun for adults to play with as the Readymech toys are for kids. There are some really off the wall looks to the pinhole cameras, all beautifully and colourfully decorated with names like Dr. Livingstone, Pablo, and Astrocam (left to right, below).

Corbis' readymech cameras

Example source for downloadable cameras

The source for each camera is available as a pdf file that can be printed directly onto photo paper, then glued to a cereal box before cutting out and assembling. The full list of materials needed:

• Several sheets of good printer paper

• One regular cereal-box for the light-safe


• An pen knife or razor blade for cutting

• Some double-sided tape or glue

• Thin needle for making a pinhole

• Small piece of aluminum foil or soda can

to puncture with the needle

• One new roll of film, preferably ISO200

• One film canister from which the film has

been removed. You can empty a new roll,

or get an empty canister from any photo


Included in the .pdf are detailed instructions for building, taking photos and processing them. All in all a comprehensive, fun and educational package!

Incidentally, Fwis' site is a joy to navigate, being 'strangefiltered' by such criteria as 'we didn't get paid' and 'client didn't get it'. These guys must have a laugh.

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