Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Phil Torrone's favourites from Maker Faire

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Boingboingtv has a good video up in which Phil Torrone, editor of Make magazine, shows us some of his favourite projects from Maker Faire 2008 last weekend. These include soft toy electronics, 'fablabs' and the "brain machine". Phil comments a little on the links between the maker movement, the affordablilty of digital fabrication, and the future of product personalisation.

Its good to get a little insight into the goings on at Maker Faire when I'm stuck over on this side of the atlantic - there's such a vibrant network of makers out there, hopefully one day I'll be able to attend a Maker faire myself!

Phil Torrone

There's also an interesting perspective from the businessmen at Forbes.com here. Some chat with Make magazine, Bleep Labs and Mitch Altman on the reasoning behind DIY product success stories. The emphasis on the need for building a product community and sharing (and thus flexible licensing I surmise) is interesting.

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