Monday, February 25, 2008

Ponoko Lamp

Ponoko Lamp
Originally uploaded by Zero-waste Design
I built a lamp using the rather tasty Ponoko interface. It is a derivation of Dan's Box Lamp, with an engraved pattern that I devised initially for teh Chai Teahouse corporate identity. I'm rather pleased with the results, the process was very easy and efficient, alrthough I could only afford to do it as Ponoko were offering free shipping (from New Zealand!)

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Nic Ward Able said...

Hi Roy, nice variation on Dan's lamp! Totally understand re. the shipping from NZ, but you'll be happy to know that we've sorted out the shipping (yay!) and so from here on in it's going to be better and better for you guys (we're going to continually look at improving it!) to get your products shipped to you in good time at a great price!

Check out the blog on it here. Cheers, Nic - Ponoko Comms Chick.