Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Open Source Alternative Energy Engineering

"PESWiki is designed to be a work station for the world of inventors and investigators into the exciting field of alternative energy technologies that are clean, renewable, inexpensive, and practical. PESWiki focuses especially on non-conventional technologies that are not usually given air time, such as zero point energy, magnetic motors, cold fusion, gravity motors, solid state generators, and even anti-gravity, as that seems to be inextricably tied into tapping zero point energy.

The pages at PESWiki are editable by you, enabling you to participate in a collaborative effort to create the best repository of information available on these subjects on the Net, both in terms of clarity and relevance as well as depth and usefulness. The intent is not necessarily to house all the pertinent information here, as much as it is to create premier directories to such that already exist elsewhere."

Found this after following a treehugger link to the rather unbelievable Joe Cell...

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