Thursday, May 25, 2006

Customer Made

A report on the customer-made phenomenon - that of opening your corporation's design process to users/customers, and 'co-creating', to use a buzz word. Not Open source per se, but a step towards collaborative, inclusivie design methodology, where the line between user and designer is non-existent.

"And from a business and innovation angle, we’d like to argue that the CUSTOMER-MADE trend, co-creating with your customers, is the most important one to watch. Not because everything has to or will be co-created in the future, but because tapping into the collective experiences, skills and ingenuity of hundreds of millions of consumers around the world is a complete departure from the inward looking, producer- versus-consumer innovation model so common to corporations around the world."

On first glance looks like a fascinating article that deserves to be read.

via Core77

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